Resolve Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for Lasting Relief

With Dr. Nicole Cozean

Free Guide to Pelvic Health
Understand the pelvic floor, how it contributes to symptoms and how addressing it can help you find lasting relief

Dr. Nicole Cozean is a pelvic health physical therapist, author and entrepreneur.  Her Southern California clinic, PelvicSanity, helps patients with pelvic health issues find lasting relief.  She's the author of The IC Solution and creator of the online course IC: Roadmap to Healing.  She's been named Physical Therapist of the Year by the ICN, Nicole is passionate about changing the way we treat pelvic health for everyone and providing resources and help to those beyond the walls of her own clinic.  She founded the Finding Pelvic Sanity online support group on Facebook to provide resources for patients searching for help.