You Don't Have To "Just Live With It"

With Tracey Manasco, MSPT

Stay Dry- Tips For A Happier/Healthier Bladder E-Book

Tracey Manasco, MSPT is a physical therapist and the owner of  Elevated Physical Therapy in Charleston, SC. She received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the College of Charleston and then went on to the Medical University of SC for her Masters in Physical Therapy..   Her 18 year career as a PT led her to various settings giving her experience in orthopedics, home health, acute neurological rehabilitation, and now pelvic PT. Working in these different settings helped her develop a broader medical knowledge base. This enables her to see the big picture and how all systems of the body are interconnected.   Her own health issues have also helped her to understand chronic illness and its impact on your life. Being diagnosed with endometriosis 10 years ago, she went through the standard process of surgery for diagnosis and treatment. This propelled her to dig into the research to find different ways to treat her diagnosis, and soon found out there was so much more out there!   She also started looking for a more holistic approach. She learned how much diet and lifestyle impact  symptoms and can be used as a treatment for chronic disease. This led her to become certified as a health coach with a focus on anti-inflammatory diets and food sensitivity research. She then began taking courses to specialize in women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction including becoming one of 2 physical therapists in the state of SC to be certified in hypopressive therapy. Pelvic health and women’s health is now her  passion! Her goal is for every woman who walks in her door to leave feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and well equipped to take on any challenges that lay ahead.   Elevated Physical Therapy was created to bring a more integrated and holistic approach to treat women’s health issues. She wants you to know that your symptoms may be common but are not necessarily normal. You don’t have to “just live with it”.