Motherf*nctioning with Pelvic Pain

With Lindsey Kaupp, Motherf*nction

5 Unique Tips to Motherf*nction

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Lindsey is a woman on a mission to allow women with pelvic pain to put the fear, worry and pain in its place; moving from pain to power. Her online program "Motherf*nction" aims to help momma's living with pelvic pain to parent, work, and play in the way they desire in their life.  As a registered Occupational Therapist in Alberta, Canada, Lindsey uses a whole-person approach to pelvic health by addressing not only the physical pieces to pain but also the psychological, emotional, sensory and environmental factors.  If you are the 1 in 3 women currently living with pelvic pain, Lindsey hopes to open up your mind to the possibility that pain CAN change and you CAN live, love & MOTHERF*NCTION in the ways that you desire!