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With Evelyn Hecht, PT

CEO PelvicSense

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Evelyn is the creator of an online pelvic healing home program, PelvicSense. PelvicSense is a science based mind/body daily guide to help more learn how to heal their pelvic issues.

Growing up in the "give it to me straight" energy of Brooklyn NY, reading my mother’s copies of Ms. Magazine, and living/traveling abroad helped me become a pioneer and leader in pelvic physical therapy.   When I began my PT career in a large hospital, countless patients would confide in me their deepest, most embarrassing concerns of leaking, urgency, vaginal pain, constipation and more. They’d ask: “How will I ever have a baby when I can’t be intimate with my partner?” or “What do I say to my friends when they invite me out to dinner and I go to the bathroom 5 times an hour?”   I knew I had a calling, a gift to help women let go of feelings of shame and the deep-rooted, cultural thinking that vaginal pain and bladder/bowel issues are “just part of being female”.  Seeing how women were treated in many cultures, I sensed that I could contribute to empowering women by helping them heal and love themselves. Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy Certified Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Practitioner CEO of EMH Physical Therapy in NYC for 25 years Scientific Researcher in Women's Health Co-developer of PelvicTrack app Scientific advisory board member for Curable app