Finding Your Way Back to Living Life

With Lara Desrosiers

Living Life with Pelvic Organ Prolapse

My gift to you is a a guide for women navigating a diagnosis of POP. I want to raise awareness of the varied approaches in POP recovery and the menu of strategies available to help us better manage symptoms get back to living our lives!

Lara is an Occupational Therapist in Ontario, Canada who operates Pelvic Resilience, a private practice focused on supporting folx who are struggling with the functional and emotional impact of pelvic health challenges. Lara is passionate about helping individuals to explore the relationships that they have with their symptoms, their bodies and with movement as she works with them to find strategies for more effectively managing symptoms and engaging in meaningful life roles and relationships. Lara gets most excited about supporting women navigating a diagnosis of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) as her own journey with POP is what sparked her drive to enter into the pelvic health field. An online program for women navigating a POP diagnosis is on the horizon for Pelvic Resilience. Stay tuned for more information about POPforward!