Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation, Your Secret Weapon To Battling Symptoms Of Dysfunction

With Krista Dennett, Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist

Learn Three Foundational Movements To Improve Pelvic Floor Strength & Function 

Managing the function of the pelvic floor and inner core goes beyond doing kegels.  We need to assess what's overworking to compensate for what's not when it comes to your muscular function.  Learn about the 3-part approach Krista takes of release, retrain and train when it comes pelvic floor exercise rehabilitation and progressing the body to a symptom free zone of movement and exercise; and the ABCs of your inner core function.

Krista Dennett is a mom of 3, and has specialized in pelvic health considerations in exercise and movement since January 2014.  As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Support Worker and Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist, she has worked with hundreds of women using movement and exercise strategies to eliminate symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Krista had her own share of pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms over her three births, one C-section and two VBACs.  After years trying to find answers to issues with her postpartum body, it was through her training in the pelvic health field she discovered her list included mild bladder prolapse, diastasis recti, umbilical hernia, and hypertonic pelvic floor! 

Krista uses a variety of breath, movement and exercise techniques when approaching rehabilitation strategies based on the symptoms of the individual, client goals, their willingness for self-care and state of mind.

Her training includes BCRPA Weight Trainer, Core Confidence Master Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and Hypopressives Level 1 Trainer.  With nearly 7 years of experience in pelvic floor exercise rehabilitation, Krista is always keen on learning new strategies and continues to seek education in the pelvic health field of exercise with courses such as The Female Athlete with Antony Lo.