The Amazingness of our Vajayjay's During Labor + Postpartum! 

With Rhowena Adolfo Patel

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I managed my own financial planning practice for 10 years as a Certified Financial Planner and then retired my practice in 2016. With the loss of my father at 17 and physical diagnosis’, my husband and I became acutely aware of our mortality and chose to live our life on our terms. So, we purged/sold/donated 90% of our belongings, packed the remaining in 5 boxes in my in-law's basement, and set off to travel the world together. So, for 22 months, we visited 49 countries (we've been to a total of 58 countries together). Checking off bucket list experiences now, while we are both healthy and able to OH and before having a family. 

We lived in the Philippines for 9 months, started a bed and breakfast, and after almost 5 years of marriage, we conceived our babe and choose to come back home to Canada. It was this brand new experience of new parenthood that started the next venture we would be taking on - Healing Mama™ Co. But before all that, when our babe was 8 months old we took him backpacking (carry-on ONLY style) to 7 countries through the Mediterranean. Now, we are setting in motion the next steps in our life and financial plan together. I am interested in all aspects of being alive, enjoying this life, and always doing everything in my capacity to make an impact and to be of service.