Tight Hips Can Make You Pee...and Hurt Your Bum

With Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist

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Learn all about the iliacus, it's importance in your wellbeing, and why Christine is so passionate about it! 

After working as a Physical Therapist for decades, a pattern started to emerge. Tightness in the iliacus caused by too much sitting, overuse in athletics, or being too flexible was causing problems all over the body. After mastering how to release the iliacus with my own hands for my clients, I went on a mission to share these discoveries with the world with my bestselling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core – The Key to Unresolved Pain. This is how it all started, with my hope that this hidden cause of pain can be resolved by all. I went on to develop a self-release tool for the iliacus muscle, the Hip Hook, so people everywhere could empower themselves and get rid of pain on their own. It is the only tool that effectively targets the iliacus muscle and releases tension the way only a professionally trained PT can. My frustration witnessing countless people struggling to uncover their path to wellness in many areas expanded my mission. I hate to see people struggle with the complex maze of health information, unable to find the true cause and stop treating the symptoms. Aletha, whose name is derived from the Greek goddess of unveiling the truth, embodies this dream. I created Aletha so we can all have access to the simple truths and tools to truly optimize our health. Health shouldn’t be hard and the Hip Hook is just the beginning. Christine Koth, Licensed Physical Therapist Creator of The Hip Hook aka: The iliacus Queen.